Obasute Night View Tour

Offered by the Chikuma City Tourism Assoc.

Bus tour from Togura Kamiyamada Onsen to Obasute to see the night view of the Zenkoji Plain. Tour departs the onsen area from 5 locations at approx. 8pm and proceeds to Obasute Station. The station platform is an observation deck looking out over the Chikuma River Valley with the lights of central Chikuma City below and of Nagano City in the distance. From Obasute Station, the bus then takes participants further up to the Obasute Service Area for an even more expansive view. On they way back, the bus stops at Takamura Shoten, the area's largest miso factory for some gift shopping. The tour includes a commemorative entrance pass to Obasute Station, a postcard of the night view from the Service Area gift shop, and a sample of miso paste from Takamura Shoten. A guide accompanies the tour to tell stories of local legends and of the area's fascinating history. (English speaking guide can be arranged in advance.) Options for seeing the night view from Obasute Station also include taking the train from Nagano Station (approx. 30 min.) or Matsumoto Station (approx. 45 min.) along the JR Shinonoi Line.

1.5 hours

2,000 yen per adult, 1,000 per child

1+ (tours run with minimum 4 participants)

RSVP Required. Contact the Chikuma City Tourism Assoc. or your place of accommodation in Togura-Kamiyamada

English guide may be arranged in advance.