OnsenTown TOGURA KAMIYAMADA has over 100 restaurants, including more ramen shops per capita than perhaps anywhere in all of Japan. Here are over 2 dozen, with prime examples from their menus in English.

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Feature: Our Local Specialty --OSHIBORI UDON

Nagano Prefecture is famous for buckwheat noodles known as soba and Togura-Kamiyamada has some excellent soba spots. However, here in our Onsen Town, the specialty is Oshibori Udon. This local favorite is prepared with thick udon noodles and an exceptionally spicy daikon radish called nezumi daikon that is only grown around here. The daikon is grated and the juice pressed out (shiboru), which is then used as a dipping sauce for the udon. But first, you have to add miso paste to enhance the flavor and (more importantly) tame down the heat of the radish. Look for the nezumi daikon mark in this brochure for establishments serving oshibori udon (and/or oshibori soba).