30-Minute Geisha Show

Kamiyamada-Togura Onsen Geisha Guild

Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada is fortunate to still have an active geisha guild. Most people have the geisha provide entertainment at banquets for 2+ hours at a time. This 30-minute interactive geisha show can also be arranged. The show usually consists of the following:*A couple of dances performed by the geisha *An audience-participation dance taught by the geisha *A geisha parlor game called 'Konpira-Funafuna' *Pictures and question time.

Show time is usually 18:00-18:30 but can vary depending on other appointments



30 min.

10,000 per geisha with minimum two (shamisen and 'tachikata' dancer) suggested.


RSVP Required (Can be made via local inns/ hotels)