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Chapter 27 — The Bar District

Two side streets coming off Chuo-dori, Kamiyamada’s main street, are Omoide-dori and Shinsekai-dori. Literally meaning “Memory Lane” and “New World Road”, these two avenues form the heart of the bar district. Here you will find literally over a hundred bars and drinking establishments. At night time, the bar girls will be out trying to entice people perusing the bar district to come in for karaoke and for some lively conversation.
Also in the bar district you will find 3 shateki stands, which are cork gun target shooting parlors. When spending the night at one of the ryokans in town, after dinner go for a stroll in your yukata robe and slip on a pair of wooden geta sandals. It’s fun to go clip-clopping around town and trying your hand at shateki. If you’re a good shot, you may pick up some extra souvenirs to take home.