Audio Tours

Chapter 24 — Nakajima Miso

Nagano Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of miso, and here in Togura-Kamiyamada, we are fortunate to have our own miso maker, Nakajima Miso, stop 24 on the audio tour.
Step inside Nakajima Miso’s store. There you can sample the various types of miso they make, from mild to heavy based on the rice and soybean ratio.
Also make sure to try the Shoyu Mame which is basically chunky soy sauce. They take soybeans on the way to becoming soy sauce and stop the process half-way through.
Shoyu Mame is traditionally made only in the area that is within the sound of the bells of Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City.
With advance notice, you can have the owner, Nakajima-san, sit down with you and demonstrate the proper way to make miso soup. Nakajima-san is happy to share his enthusiasm for miso with the world, and his miso paste would make a great souvenir of your visit to Togura-Kamiyamada.